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Healthcare, Info Tech Jobs High in Demand

One of the fastest growing fields today is in the medical sector. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since in America, the medical world is an industry rather than a service, like education, as it is in all other developed countries. And since this is an industry in which all people either do or will need service, and such services cannot be negotiated price-wise like any other industry (you can’t exactly call various places to have your gallbladder removed to see who has the lowest rate or copay, in most cases—especially when only a few hospitals are available in your area). Hence, there is much money to be made—as well as lots of job security, or at least, more than many other careers have.

Other job fields that continue to grow include information technology careers as well as jobs in financial services. People who wish to join a competitive job market might want to train in these areas, since the U.S. Department of Labor predicts a shortage of labor by 2018. To really get a handle on which jobs will be in highest demand—especially specific titles—you can visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find out more predictions.