May 2010

EMS Week

I’ve had two encounters with Emergency Medical Services teams in my life. Both were life-saving, and I will always be grateful to those individuals. In the first, I was a nine-year-old who suffered from a pretty bad car accident. In the second, I was a terrified pregnant woman with preeclampsia, consoled and cheered up by a ragtag trio of EMS technicians who were competent, funny, and so warm in their demeanor it still brings tears to my eyes.

In our greatest times of fear and despair, we don’t often think ahead—especially when we are possibly facing death. I wish I could recall the names of those people—in both situations—who helped to save not just my life, but also the life of my little girl, but I don’t know if I was even ever introduced. I do send a heartfelt thank you out to these wonderful men and women, and can only imagine the number of lives they’ve saved in all the years since.